Interior Design Companies in Riyadh

Find the top interior design companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to take inspiration from throughout the year. Riyadh is renowned for its immense wealth and stunning landscapes. We are here to bring you the most beautiful interior design that the city offers. Take inspiration from the best interior design experts from Riyadh.

Interior Design Companies in Riyadh



Welcome to Milaya We create spaces that are beautiful and practical while being practical. Our team of craftsmen and designers come together to create buildings and homes that are elegant and practical.

Whether it’s a comfortable house or a chic workspace, we pay close attention to each detail to ensure that it matches your style and preferences. We combine classic styles with contemporary touches and the most advanced technologies and eco-friendly materials.

At Milaya We believe that the word “luxury” means more than looks. It’s about being comfortable and making your space distinctively yours. We listen to your thoughts and strive to make them come to life by making spaces that surpass your expectations.

If you’re trying to transform your living space into something unique Come and experience the wonder from Milaya Interior Design Company.

Accurate Curves Studio

Accurate Curves Studio is an ingenuous Architectural Detailed Design and 3D Visualization studio. They offer Architectural services such as 3D Renderings and 3D Animations Interior design and Physical Model Exhibition Design Development and have extensive experience in interior and exterior design, as well as rendering.

Arwa Designs Co.

Arwa Designs is an Interior design company, which was established 2014 by Arwa AlShathry in the year 2014. Since its inception, the business has provided distinctive interior design services that have been the catalyst for its rapid growth as well as an image that can create deep trust with customers. Arwa Design’s story was born when Arwa AlShatry an Interior Designer who has five years of a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design in Dar Al Hikma College, Jeddah was the first to take on the challenge to design designs that reflect an environment where luxury living is assured by the blend of elegance along with practicality, comfort, and elegance.

Bissar Concepts

Bissar Concepts is a touch of sophistication, simplicity, and the modernist tinge to the classic. With a new method of design, they have created functional and exciting environments that are as distinct from the personal style of their customers. Their designs are designed to convey elegance, sophistication, and practicality that range from a warm, simple style to lavish elegance. Their work spans from minimalist to classical and luxury contemporary is the defining feature of the majority of their designs. The principles of authenticity, distinctiveness, and creativity are at the heart of every design. They claim “Designs that are authentic and unique that inspire you spiritually, mentally and culturally

Bothina Contracting & Decoration

Since the year 2010, Bothina Contracting and Decor is a group that has specialized in the design of both external and internal furniture and overseeing projects. They provide consultation visits to ensure the satisfaction of our clients with the right solution. The staff is pleased with their clients by providing the most appropriate and current solutions as well as new technologies.

Cedrus International

Internationally renowned Saudi brand and company, specializing in interior design and fit-out business. Cedrus International CI is an investment partner for growth. They are swift and driven by results. They work with a clear insistence on concrete, tangible outcomes. CI can be described as a worldwide business composed of interior architects as well as designers, strategists, and experts. CI Interior Architects’ most important asset is its staff. The people they employ are from diverse backgrounds that influence the interior spaces they design.

Dar Al Omran

In line with DAR AL OMRAN’s design philosophy for architecture and The principles of DAR AL OMRAN’s architectural design philosophy and Dr. Rasem Badran’s vision, every project is designed to be functional and shaped by the local environment and culture patterns based on the type of project, its duration, and budget. Each interior design project provides an opportunity for differentiating by creating a unique as well as memorable interior design space. It can be experienced by the provision of a superior interior design solution in which originality and imagination are the prevailing factors. The DAR AL OMRAN Professional interior design team assists in determining the best design options for the project of the Client. The team analyzes the impact of cultural, social, and spatial factors, which include affordability, acceptance, sustainability, participation, and the ability to adapt to design. The designer creates a team of experts to bring the design to its final stage.

Yasmin Interiors

Yasmin Interiors is an interior design studio whose designs are influenced by Italian design. It also has locations located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and London, United Kingdom, Yasmin Interiors is perfectly placed to meet the needs of design of clients across Europe, the Middle East, and Europe. Yasmin Interiors offers bespoke interior design services for high-end residential and commercial projects. Our most well-known initiatives include the Roberto Cavalli Cafe situated in Riyadh as well as the luxurious gym as well as several palaces of people belonging to the Saudi Royal Family.

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